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Shimano Stella Fishing Reel – 2024 Buyers Guide

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The Shimano Stella is the flagship of Shimano’s wide range of spinning reels.

It comes in two different versions, the Shimano Stella FK, which is a smaller reel for lighter fishing, and then the Stella SW, which is the bigger offshore version.

To help you get a better understanding of each, we have written a detailed review for both Shimano Stella versions, so you can get the full rundown on the Stella FK and the Stella SW to see if either of these versions fit your requirements.

Before we dive into each of these reels, it should be said that the Stella reel is at the very high-end range of Shimano’s spinning reels, so the price point for each version is pretty high.

If you are looking for a budget spinning reel, then the Stella is not for you. But if you are after a premium reel, with all the high-end features that Shimano provides, then the Stella could be the dream reel you have been looking for.

Shimano Stella FK ‘Infinity Evolution’

The new Stella FK Infinity Evolution 2022 version was released in March 2022 and has created a huge amount of interest already since it was released.

There is very good reason for this excitement, as Shimano is adding some significant technology upgrades to this new FK reel.

Shimano Stella FK 2022
Shimano Stella FK 2022

Overall, there are six new upgrades to the new Stella FK 2022 reel. Here is a look at the new features you will see on this new version:

Infinity Cross:

Infinity Cross is a new tooth design in the gears.

The gears on Shimano reels have always been the best around, but they are not resting and basking in past glory, they are continuing to innovate and improve, and Infinity Cross is a clear example of this.

Infinity Cross is an upgrade to the already excellent Micro Module II gearing that Shimano uses on its higher-end spinning reels.

This new design provides an even better distribution of load across the teeth of the gears. This has been achieved by Shimano changing the pitch and angles of the teeth in the gears to provide better contact with the teeth on the gears.

The end result of this is increased power in the reel, along with improved gear durability. This will enable you to fight fish harder than ever before, and also get even longer usage from the reel in the long term.

Infinity Loop:

Infinity loop is an upgrade to Shimano’s line propulsion management system.

This is again something that Shimano has always been strong in, their Aero Wrap 2 is an excellent line management system that works exceptionally well. But Infinity loop improves this further still.

Infinity loop provides a very slow oscillation of the spool, which in turn lays the line onto the spool in a much more even manner and very close together on each turn and the spool moves both up and down. It also cuts out any overlap as the line is laid onto the spool.

The result of this is a reduction in friction on the line when casting, so casting distance is improved, even when using lighter lures.

Infinity Drive:

The new Infinity Drive is an upgrade to the X-Ship that Shimano uses on a lot of its reels. With the X-Ship technology, the shaft was supported by double bearings to reduce any twist or bend while the reel was under load.

But now with Infinity Drive the shaft goes through the center of the pinion gear and they are using a low friction bushing system to reduce any frictional resistance.

Shimano has also applied a proprietary surface treatment to the shaft and special processing to greatly reduce rotational torque.

Anti-twist Fin:

In the new Stella FK reel, Shimano has installed a flexible polymer fin underneath the roller on the bail arm.

This minimizes the gap in the line to the roller that is apparent on older Stella models, so when you are slack line fishing you won’t have the line falling off the roller, which can lead to the line wrapping around the bottom of the spool in an uneven manner.

Dura Cross:

Dura Cross is an upgraded and improved cross-carbon washer construction.

The improvements to the washers are not something you can clearly see with the naked eye, but it is to do with how the new cutting-edge materials used in the washers have been woven together in a unique pattern, rather than the more random way they constructed previously.

This new washer design creates a stronger and smoother drag washer, which will provide the performance of a felt washer but also give you the durability of cross carbon.

This will give you the finesse feel required on smaller fish on lighter gear, but also the brute force you need on the bigger harder fighting fish.

By Shimano’s own testing, they claim that the new Dura Cross washers will provide 10x more durability than a traditional drag washer.

Propulsion Line Management System:

This is another line management system enhancement that Shimano has brought to the new Stella FK reel.

This is about the spool lip design, and what Shimano has done is to reduce the gap from the lip of the spool to the top of the drag cap knob from 43 degrees down to 25 degrees.

The result of this is a reduction in the size of the loops that peel off the spool when casting, and it prevents the line from touching the drag cap knob when peeling off the spool which can affect casting distance.

Shimano has also applied a new slick treatment to the edge of the spool lip which again will allow the line to peel off with even less resistance.

This is all to improve casting distance and ensure that even the lightest of lures can be cast long and accurately.

Sizes available in the Shimano Stella FK 2022

You are going to be able to get the Stella FK in the following sizes:

  • 1000
  • 2500HG
  • C3000XG
  • 4000XG
  • C5000XG

Here are the specs for each model:






As well as the six new upgrades detailed above, the Stella FK also continues with a lot of the technologies found in the previous FJ model, so the FK is going to be a performance monster!

The look of the Stella FK is pretty slick. I really like how Shimano is styling their newer spinning reels, and the FK is certainly a head-turner.

When you couple these stylish looks with the unparalleled performance you can get very excited about the prospect of owning and using one of these reels.

The Shimano Stella FK 2022 is available for pre-order now

Shimano Stella FJ

The Shimano Stella FJ was introduced in 2018, and was the successor to the older Stella FI reels.

** NOTE ** With the new Stella FK model due to replace this FJ model in March 2022, you can now purchase this excellent FJ reel at a greatly discounted price

Shimano wanted to pack all of their premium features into a smaller freshwater / inshore spinning reel, and the resulting Stella FJ is packed full of quality and provides unrivaled performance.

Features and technology used in the Stella FJ reels

Below is the breakdown of the premium features and technologies used in the Stella reels, and a description of what each one is and what it does

Hagane Gear

Hagane Body


Micro Module Gear II

G Free Body



AR-C Spool

One-Piece Bail


Rigid Support Drag

Aero Wrap 2

Easy Maintenance

E.I. Surface Treatment

As you can see from the above list, the Stella FJ is packed full of Shimano’s best premium technologies.

If you look at the descriptions above for each technology used you will see each serves a practical purpose in the performance of the reel.

Some technologies seem to do more than others, but they all work together perfectly to make the reel run as smoothly and efficiently as it does.

Models and specs for the Stella FJ range

Model: STL1000FJ

Model: STL2500HGFJ

Model: STLC3000XGFJ

Model: STL4000XGFJ

Model: STLC5000XGFJ

Additional performance factors

It is such a responsive reel, and when combined with technology like X-Ship, you have the perfect solution for feeling even the lightest bites and setting the hook as soon as the fish takes the lure.

While the Stella FJ range is not the lightest of Shimano’s small spinning reel range (the new Vanford is lighter), it is still a very light reel that will allow you to throw lures effortlessly for hours at a time.

It is also incredibly smooth to use. Even when you hook into a big fish, the drag system and retrieval all feel perfectly in tune and make catching fish that much more fun.

The balance of the Stella FJ is something that Shimano wanted to perfect.

The center of gravity of the reel has been moved closer to the rod, which allows for easier casting for longer periods of time, without having your arm become fatigued.

The combination of technologies they have built into the reel, all produce the ultimate feel and balance, from casting to retrieval.

Perfect for the competition anglers that need to get in as many casts as possible.

The front drag on the Stella FJ is super responsive, and also very easy to adjust when required.

The range of drag gives you plenty of ability to play your fish as much as you need, and the changes between drag pressure are very smooth.

Points to note

The Stella FJ reel does not have a reverse lever, so you do not have the option of putting the spool into reverse.

It does use an anti-reverse bearing, that ensures there is zero slack in the spool, so as soon as you strike into a bite, you can be assured that the fish will not be given even a millimeter of line unless delivered via the drag.

Is the Shimano Stella FJ worth the money?

As I mentioned at the start of this article, the Shimano Stella reel (both versions) comes with a fairly hefty price tag attached to it.

But what you are getting with the Stella FJ is a reel packed with Shimano’s top technology.

The target market for this reel is the serious angler that understands what all of these technologies do, and want to use them to their fullest to give them that additional edge.

When you use the Shimano Stella FJ it is hard to find ay fault in it, and in fact you can see just how much it improves your fishing experience as soon as you start using it.

If you are a serious angler and want to upgrade from your existing reel, then the Stella FJ will give you the best you can get in spinning reel technology and ability.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Totally!

Shimano Stella SW

Now we get to the ‘big daddy’ of the two versions of Stella reel, the Shimano Stella SW.

Made for saltwater and offshore fishing, the Stella SW is a robust reel that provides the power you need to handle big fish and heavy gear, and the technology to make the process of catching the retrieving the big fish that much more efficient.

Updated Stella SW 2020 version

In 2019 Shimano released the updated model of the Stella SW in the 8000, 10,000, and 14,000 size reels. And then in 2020, the new improved version was then rolled out across their entire range of Stella SW reels, and the range starts from a 4000 model all the way up to a 30,000 model.

Below are the new and improved features you will find in the 2019 SW reels, taken from the official Shimano AU page:

Infinity Drive

Heatsink Drag

X-Protect – IPX8 Waterproof Performance

Shimano Stella SW Technology

Here is a list of all the technologies used in the Stella SW reel. The latest SW version incorporates what Shimano calls the SW-X Concept, which is a combination of new features that provides improved performance.

Are you in Australia? Check the current price of the Stella SWC here

Hagane Gear

Hagane Body




X-Tough Drag

CF Aluminum Cold Forged Spool

Platinum Premier Service Plan

Super Stopper II

X-Rigid Bail

X-Rigid Gear

X-Rigid Handle

X-Rigid Rotor

One of the most impressive things that Shimano has done with the Stella SW is they have made the reel even stronger than before, but also lighter.

The materials used will ensure that sturdiness and durability are both achieved.

Before I get into the different sizes and models of the Shimano Stella SW reels, I should clear up some potential confusion before I list the various versions available.

You will see below that there is sometimes more than one version available in the same size, especially in the smaller models.

The STL SWB PG, STL SWB HG, and STL SWB XG models are available in some sizes, so here is a quick explanation of the differences between these:

  • PG = Power Gear (a lower gear ratio, which is better suited to jigging)
  • HG = High Gear (higher gear ratio, can be used for jigging or spinning and surface stickbaits and poppers)
  • XG = eXtra Gear (highest gear ratio, ideal for heavy spinning, surface stickbaits and poppers)

Now here’s a look at the different models available, and some of the specs for each model:

Model: STLSW4000XGC

Model: STLSW5000HGC

Model: STLSW6000HGC

Model: STLSW8000HGC

Model: STLSW10000PGC

Model: STLSW14000XGC

Model: STLSW18000HGC

Model: STLSW20000PGC

Model: STLSW30000C

Should you spend the money on the Shimano Stella SW?

Ultimately only you can answer that question. But here are a few things to consider…

The fact that you have made it this far down the page I am going to assume that you are an experienced angler and take your fishing very seriously.

The reality is that when you hook into a big hard-fighting fish (think a large blue-fin tuna or a lively striped marlin), then you want a reel that gives you the ability to control the fish for what could potentially be a long fight.

You also want a reel that can stand up to the pressures of regular fights with these brutally tough fish too.

shimano stella sw

The bottom line is that reels that are not built to the exceptional quality of the Stella SW will be found out after just one or two runs from a big fish.

The Stella has the design quality, and technical ability to handle big fish during the hardest battles, time after time.

It is a reel that will quickly earn your complete trust once you have hooked into some decent specimens.

If you are serious about your fishing (and I will again assume you are), then you absolutely should have the reel that will meet your high standards, and this is exactly what the Stella will do.

The reel is built to last, so you will be able to fully utilize the exceptional ability of the Stella SW time after time.

Yes, the Shimano Stella SW is an expensive reel. But you are getting the very best for your money.

And you will soon understand that it is an investment well made once you start using it, and also years down the line when the reel is still going strong and serving you well.

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