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Where to Go Fishing in Thailand

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Having previously lived in Thailand for 6 years, and still going back 2-3 times a year now, I have been fortunate to have done a lot of fishing there.

Fishing is a very popular sport in Thailand, so you will find plenty of opportunities wherever you are in the country.

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Enjoy exotic fishing in Thailand

Thailand really is an exotic destination, with the fishing and fish species to match.

There are many types of fishing you can enjoy in Thailand, here are some of the common types you can try when you visit:

  • Lake fishing in the pre-stocked fishing parks
  • Saltwater game fishing
  • Freshwater fishing
  • Jungle fishing
  • Fly fishing

Let’s go into these in more detail

Where to go freshwater fishing in Thailand

There are not many places in the world where you can go freshwater fishing and expect to catch river monsters that eclipse most saltwater species.

But Thailand is one of the few places where real river monsters exist!

Lake fishing in Thailand’s fishing parks

One of the most sort after fishing experiences in Thailand is to fish on one of the many purposely stocked fishing lakes, or parks as they call them there.

There are many located all over the country, we’ll go into some of the better ones in a bit, but first to give you an idea of what to expect.

Many of these fishing parks in Thailand have been heavily stocked with both native and foreign species.

Two of the largest freshwater fish in the world are native to Thailand and its surrounding countries.

The Mekong Catfish is one, and the freshwater stingray is the other, and both species can be found in many of these fishing parks around Thailand.

To give you an idea of the size of these fish, the largest ever Mekong catfish was caught in Northern Thailand and weighed in at 646 pounds (293 kgs), and was nearly 9 feet long (2.7 meters).

Then, again in the Northern reaches of Thailand, this freshwater stingray was caught and was estimated to weigh between 700 to 800 pounds (318 kg to 363 kg), and was 7.9 feet (2.4 meters) across and 14 feet (4.3 meters) long!

Giant Siamese Carp are also prevalent in many of the fishing parks in Thailand, and another freshwater river monster that can grow to over 200 lbs (90.7 kg), such as this 222 lb (100 kg) beast caught in one of the fishing lakes in Thailand.

The above are just a few of the massive native species you can expect to catch at many of these Thai fishing parks.

But then you also have the added fun of the non-native species that have been imported and introduced to many of the parks too!

One of the most sort after river monsters in a lot of the Thai fishing parks is the Arapaima.

This freshwater fish is native to the Amazon in South America but is imported into Thailand to stock many of these fishing lakes, and provide a lot of fun for anglers that target them.

The largest Arapaima ever caught on rod and reel (recorded) was in fact caught in a fishing park in Thailand, and weighed in at a massive 485 lb (219 kg), and was nearly 10 feet in length (3 meters).

Below is a video of a 200 lb+ Arapaima being caught at the Jurassic Mountain fishing resort in Thailand:

Other non-native species that are widely stocked in the lakes around Thailand include:

  • Alligator Gar
  • Pacu
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish
  • Rohu
  • Silver Arowana
  • Tambaqui

Lake fishing in Bangkok

Bangkok is a very big and busy city, often chaotic at times.

But in amongst all of the chaos lie some incredible fishing lakes, stocked with some of the biggest freshwater fish you will ever see!

If you would prefer to organize a trip before you go out to Thailand, there are local English speaker guides that can arrange trips for you, tailored to your needs.

A couple of options for you are and

You can always arrange the trips yourself while you’re there, and a tuk-tuk ride from the hotel to a lake is always fun in the Bangkok traffic, but if you want a hassle-free option, then use one of the above.

While there are many fishing parks dotted in and around Bangkok, here are a few choice options:

Bungsamran fishing lake

Probably the most well-known fishing park in Bangkok, and Thailand too.

They actually moved to a new lake a couple of years ago, and the new lake is even bigger and packed with more fish than the old one!

Bungsamran lake offers some incredible fishing, with a vast selection of species and some growing to massive sizes too.

The lake has been stocked with over 50 different species of fish. Some select species at Bungsamran lake include:

  • Mekong catfish (up to 300 lb+)
  • Arapaima (some massive Arapaima in this lake, but hard to catch)
  • Giant Siamese Carp (some huge carp in here, but not as prevalent as the Mekong catfish)

While there are many species in Bungsamran, the giant Mekong catfish are the most prolific and easy to catch.

A look on their website shows you some of the impressive specimens caught there.

The downsides to fishing at Bungsamran lake are that its popularity means it is always busy, and also it is very expensive.

But the fishing there is extremely productive, you are pretty much guaranteed to hook into some monster fish every time you go there.

Rates: These rates are taken from the Bungsamran website, so presumed accurate at the time of writing. But always best to check again before going to see if there have been any changes:

1. Morning to evening from 9.00am to 8.30pm

2. Evening to morning from 9.00pm to 8.30am

Fishing License – 4,000 Baht

Rod Rental – 500 Baht (Deposit 1,000 Baht)

Large Net Rental – 60 Baht (Deposit 200 Baht)

Bag of Bait – 500 Baht

Total = 5060 Baht (equates to approximately USD $162, GBP £123, AUD $223 using exchanges rates available at the time of writing)

If you wanted to rent a bungalow there (situated on the lake) so you can fish overnight, the prices range from 1000 Baht up to 7000 Baht per night (approximately USD $32, GBP £24, AUD $44 to USD $224, GBP £171, AUD $308 a night)

I have also enjoyed a few fishing trips there in the past, all of which were very successful

fishing in thailand
One of my Mekong Catfish caught at Bungsamran several years ago


  • Prolific fishing (hard not to catch big fish here)
  • Massive sizes of all stocked species
  • Lake cabins available
  • Food and drink readily available
  • 24-hour fishing available
  • English speaking fishing guides available (extra cost)


  • Expensive
  • Busy
  • The lake can be hard to find, although quite a lot of the local taxi drivers do know it. Or arrange a guided trip to take you there


There are a lot of reviews for the Bunsamran fishing park available on Trip Advisor, and it has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars


Amazon BKK Fishing Park

Another great option if you are in Bangkok is the Amazon BKK fishing park.

It is located on the outskirts of Bangkok, so it can take a while to get there depending on where you are staying.

An early start would be advisable if you want to beat the frustrating traffic mayhem. The lake opens for fishing at 6 am for the early risers.

Amazon BKK is stocked with a variety of species but is well known for its abundance of Arapaima.

If you want to catch a large Arapaima, then Amazon BKK probably offers one of the best opportunities for you to do this.

Other species prevalent in the lake include Alligator Gar, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Giant Snakehead and Chaopraya Catfish.

Then on a lesser scale, you can find Giant Freshwater Stingray, Pacu, Asian Redtail Catfish, and the Giant Freshwater Stingray.


*Amazon BKK does not have an official website, so these prices are taken from a 3rd party website. Advisable to check for current fishing prices before you go:

Fishing full day – 2000 baht

Rod hire – 500 Baht

Total = 2500 Baht (approximately USD $80, GBP £61, AUD $110 using exchange rates available at the time of writing).

You should also factor in transportation costs to and from the lake, as this will likely add a significant amount to the overall cost.


  • Stocked with vast amounts of very large Arapaima and other large species such as the Redtail catfish and Alligator Gar
  • Some really solid fishing to be had here, on a regular basis
  • The lake is in a nice peaceful location, it’s a nice escape from the craziness of central Bangkok


  • Quite a long way outside of central Bangkok, it can take around 1 and a half hours to get there, so plan accordingly
  • Very few (if any on some days) English speaking guides, so not ideal if you are a beginner who requires help.
  • While it costs around half the price of a days’ fishing at Bungsamran, it is still fairly pricey, especially when you factor in your travel costs for the day too (but got to be worth it if you hook into some big Arapaima fish!!)


The location of the Amazon BKK fishing park can be found here:

Social Media:

Contact them on their Facebook here

Lake Fishing in Pattaya

Pattaya is another very popular tourist destination in Thailand, and also has a large variety of great fishing parks on offer.

One of the best resources when looking for fishing park options in the Pattaya area is

The owner of the website keeps up to date with current pricing, as well the latest catches from the various fishing lakes mentioned on the site.

Recommended fishing parks in Pattaya

You have some great options when fishing in Pattaya, with regards to both pricing and fish species.

Freddie’s Fishing Park

Freddie’s fishing park is one of my new favorites in Pattaya.

First of all, you have the lake owners, John and his wife Saifon, who are always there to provide a friendly greeting when you arrive at the lake.

John always provides a thorough rundown of the different species that can be caught in the lake, the best spots to catch each species, and the best methods to use.

He also has a variety of fishing rigs and setups available, including float fishing, bottom fishing, lure fishing, and even fly fishing.

So whatever method you want to use, John should be able to accommodate.


There are around 30 different species stocked in the lake, including:

  • Mekong Catfish
  • Alligator Gar
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish
  • Giant Snakehead
  • Pacu
  • Giant Siamese Carp

Here’s a picture of me on a recent visit to Freddie’s fishing park earlier this year

fishing in Pattaya
One of a few Amazon Red Tail Catfish I caught there

Opening hours:

Freddie’s fishing park is open from 8:30am through to 7:30pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Sundays and Mondays, the lake is closed to the public, but available for private bookings. 


The rates at Freddie’s are very reasonable:

Rod license – 350 Baht per rod
Rod hire – 150 Baht
Bait – 25 Baht

Total = 525 Baht (approximately USD $17, GBP £13, AUD $23)

Accommodation is also available at the lake.

1200 Baht per night for a double room with air conditioning, which also includes a day’s fishing for 2 (approximately USD $38, GBP £30, AUD $53)


I reached out to John to see if he wanted to add any comments to the post, and he had the following to say:

We strive each day to make Freddie’s even better for all anglers and their friends to enjoy. Take care everyone, tight lines. John and Saifon

From: John
Owner of Freddie’s Fishing Park


  • Very friendly and helpful service from John and his wife Saifon
  • Some very good fishing to be had, with a good variety of species
  • Very reasonably priced, great value for money at Freddie’s
  • Not overly busy most of the time
  • Good food available (Thai and Western)
  • John has many different rod setups available, so you can decide how you want to fish


  • It can be a bit tricky finding the lake if you don’t know the area, but GPS will be your friend here!


There are not many reviews for Freddie’s fishing park yet, but the ones available are positive 5* reviews


You can find Freddie’s fishing park here

Contact for bookings:

It is advisable to contact Freddie’s before you go. You can find their contact details on their website, or their Facebook page or their Facebook group

Wasana Fishing Park

Wasana fishing park is one of the newest lakes to open in Pattaya.

The lake is run by one of the top fishermen in the area, so there is a lot of knowledge available when you get there.

As well as the usual native species, Wasana is also stocked with some species from the Amazon too, including the mighty Arapaima!

Siamese Carp are also quite prevalent here too, growing up to a decent size and providing a good fight for anyone that hooks into them.

The lake is located a few km’s outside of Pattaya, but the drive isn’t too bad if you’re staying in central Pattaya.


Here are some of the main species caught at Wasana fishing park:

  • Arapaima
  • Giant Siamese Carp
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish
  • Giant Mekong Catfish
  • Alligator Gar
  • Pacu
  • Common Carp
  • Rohu

Opening times:

Open every day from 9am to 7pm. Book ahead of time, as walk-up guests are not accommodated.


These are the current rates taken from their website at the time of writing:

Two-rod package – 2,500 Baht, one carp rod and one predator rod includes 4kg mixed ground bait, bread, and 1kg predator bait. (approximately USD $80, GBP £61, AUD $110)

Predator package – 1,500 Baht, includes rod hire and 1kg dead bait. (approximately USD $48, GBP £37, AUD $66)

Predator fishing only – 1,000 Baht, excludes rod hire and bait. (approximately USD $32, GBP £24, AUD $44)

Carp package – 1,000 Baht, includes rod hire and 2kg breadcrumbs.

Fishmeal bread that all the fish seem to like ฿50/kg.

Rice husks (rum khao) ฿60/2 kg.

Breadcrumbs ฿60/2 kg.

Chicken hearts ฿50/500g.

Fish ฿60/500g.


  • Very productive fishing
  • Wide range of species and decent sizes to be caught
  • Number of anglers limited each day to give a better experience to those fishing there
  • Food and drink available (Thai and Western food). Food can be delivered to your fishing peg too
  • Good quality fishing gear used


  • The lake is situated on the outskirts of Pattaya, so could take around an hour to get there if coming from central Pattaya


You can find the Wasana fishing park here:

Contact for bookings:

The Wasana contact details can be found on their website, or you can contact them through their Facebook page

Fishing Parks in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is about a 3-hour drive South West from Bangkok and is a very popular holiday destination.

There are also some amazing fishing opportunities in Hua Hin too, so definitely a good location if you want to catch yourself some big fish.

Greenfield Valley Fishing and Cottage Resort

Those of you from the UK may remember English fishing legend, John Wilson, from his excellent Go Fishing programs.

Well, in 2013 John decided to up and leave the UK and relocated out to Thailand to live, and set up a fishing destination for people to enjoy.

That fishing destination was the Greenfield Valley Fishing and Cottage resort.

Sadly, John passed away at the end of 2018, but he has left an incredible fishing park for us all to enjoy.

Greenfield Valley resort is set in a wonderful location, that is set in a lush green valley in amongst the nature and natural beauty of the area.

The location is very peaceful, and really sets the mood for some incredible fishing.There are also bungalows situated around the lake, so if you wanted to stay for more than one day you can.


Greenfield Valley is stocked with over 25 different species, both native and foreign.

  • Ariparma to 250 lbs
  • Giant Mekong Catfish to 150 lbs
  • Chow Praya catfish to 160 lbs
  • Cohr Carp 65 lbs
  • Alligator Gar
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish
  • Giant Siamese Carp

Opening times:

Fishing at Greenfield Valley is from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm. Booking advisable!


Predator fishing (includes 1x rod, tackle, all baits + guide) = 3500 Baht (approximately USD $112, GBP £86, AUD $155)

Carp fishing (includes 1 x rod + tackle) = 2000 Baht (approximately USD $64, GBP £49, AUD $88)

Carp fishing using your own rod and tackle = 1500 Baht (approximately USD $48, GBP £37, AUD $66)

Accommodation available:

Bungalow rates = 1500 Baht per night (2 people)

Update from Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort owner, David Wilson

I reached out to David Wilson and his team at Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort to see if there were any new updates to the fishing there, and he let me know the following:

Just to update you, the species are now up to 33.

– From the 1st Feb (2019) we have opened two more lakes for fishing.

– Lake 1 new carp only lake with 7 different species of carp stocking over 1,500 fish to over 50lbs.

– Lake 2 small mixed fishery over 14 different species stocked both price at 500THB per day fishing from 8 till 6 only.

– New packages for 2019 if you stay 4 nights Accommodation we will give you the 5th night free.

– If you fish for 4 days we will give you the 5th day free.

Best regards,
David Wilson

From: David Wilson
Owner of Greenfield Valley Fishing and Resort


  • Very productive fishing to be had
  • Wide range of species
  • Beautiful natural lake in serene settings. The whole place is very well kept
  • Good quality equipment to hire
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff. (Nook, the guide is incredible! David Wilson also very helpful and knowledgeable)
  • Good accommodation on the lake
  • Great restaurant serving both Thai and Western food
  • Close proximity to Hua Hin


  • Hard to find any fault with the Greenfield Valley fishing resort. Try it and see for yourself!


There are quite a few reviews for the Greenfield Fishing Resort, and most are extremely positive


You can find the Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort here:

Contact for bookings:

To book you can find their contact details on their website 

Social Media:

See their Facebook page here

Hua Hin Fishing Lodge

The Hua Hin fishing lodge has been open since 2003 and has become a very popular fishing destination for many who frequent Hua Hin on their vacations.

There are two lakes to fish at, both lakes stocked with a wide variety of both native and foreign species.

They do offer lower child rates too, so definitely a great place to take the kids fishing also.

There is a kids playground built there to keep them entertained if they don’t have the patience for fishing all day.

There is also limited accommodation available at the lake. Two well-equipped rooms in a linked bungalow, that can accommodate 3 people in each comfortably (1 double bed and a single bed in each bungalow)

Opening hours:

Fishing from 9am to 6:30pm, 6 days a week (currently closed on Thursdays until further notice)


  • Giant Snakehead
  • Giant Siamese Carp
  • Grass Carp
  • Rohu
  • Arapaima
  • Jullien’s Carp
  • Freshwater Stingray
  • Barramundi
  • Alligator Gar
  • Giant Mekong Catfish
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish

Plenty here to keep you entertained every time you fish at Hua Hin fishing lodge!


The Hua Hin fishing lodge is well known for being one of the most affordable fishing parks in the surrounding areas.

Daily rates are as follows:

Upper Pond Only – (Inclusive of one provided rod) – 800 Baht (approximately USD $25, GBP £20, AUD $36)

Children (Under 12yrs) – (Inclusive of one provided rod) – 400 Baht (approximately USD $13, GBP £10, AUD $18)

Both Ponds – (Inclusive of one provided rod) – 1,900 Baht (approximately USD $60, GBP £47, AUD $85)

Children (Under 12yrs) – (Inclusive of one provided rod) – 950 Baht (approximately USD $30, GBP £23, AUD $43)

Evening fishing from 6:30pm to 11pm is available for resident guests only:

Upper Pond Only – 2,500 Baht (approximately USD $80, GBP £61, AUD $113)

Both Ponds (Whole site) – 4,000 Baht (approximately USD $128, GBP £99, AUD $180)

** Special day package available – check their website for more details on this


  • Some very productive fishing to be had here on both of the two lakes available
  • Lots of different species are abundant
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Kid-friendly
  • Accommodation available (limited)
  • Close proximity to Hua Hin and Cha Am
  • Restaurant on site, serving Thai and Western food
  • Friendly staff


  • Can get a little busy at times due to the lake’s popularity. Advisable to book before you go


With over 150 reviews for the Hua Hin Fishing Lodge available on Tripadvisor AU, and a current rating of 5*, shows you that this is a great place to fish!


Contact for booking:

To book at the Hua Hin Fishing Lodge, you can do so through the booking page on their website

Social Media:

You can catch them on Facebook here

Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park

When you arrive at the Jurassic Mountain resort and fishing park, you will immediately see where it got its name from!

You feel like you have been transported onto the set of one of the (many) Jurassic Park movies.

The surroundings are stunning, and they provide a wonderfully calm experience that really sets the scene for some incredible fishing that can be had there.

Their Facebook page has a lot of pictures and images of the resort itself, and many of the fish that have been caught at the lake their too.


The resort itself is located about 25 minutes from Hua Hin and 10 minutes from Cha Am.

There are currently 8 villa’s available at the resort, with both one and two bedroom options available.

There is also a clubhouse with a very good quality restaurant and bar. The restaurant serves both Thai and international food.

There are also a lot of recreational seating areas, where you can sit and relax and enjoy the surroundings.


The lake is quite big when compared to many other fishing parks in Thailand, and there are on 17 different swims around the lake, so as to give each angler plenty of space to fish.

The swims are all very well kept too, and you’ll have plenty of room to fish whichever swim you take on the lake.

The fishing here can be prolific at times, with many different species providing some exceptional sport.

Fish Species:

The lake at Jurassic Mountain is currently stocked with around 17 different species of fish, both native and foreign.

The size of the fish is pretty impressive too, with some specimens growing to well over the 150lb mark (68kg+)The main species stocked on the lake are as follows:

  • Arapaima
  • Giant Siamese Carp
  • Mekong Giant Catfish
  • Indian Carp
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish
  • Thai Red Tail Catfish
  • Tambaqui
  • Chao Praya Catfish
  • Niger Ripsaw Catfish
  • Giant Snakehead
  • Giant Gourami
  • Pacu
  • Alligator Gar


Fishing at Jurassic Mountain is not cheap! You are getting exceptional quality here, but you do need to pay a premium price for it

Day fishing rate = 6400 Baht (approximately USD $203, GBP £157, AUD $286)

For this price you get the following:

  • 1 x Arapaima rod
  • 1 x Carp rod
  • Complete tackle set
  • 10 kg 25mm Pellet
  • 10 kg Dead fish baits
  • Hardwood Fishing Sala
  • Lunch and Dinner

Full details of their current accommodation rates can be found on their website


  • Exceptional fishing in beautiful surroundings
  • Nice selection of fish species that grow to very big sizes in this lake
  • High-quality accommodation, food and facilities available here
  • Plenty of room to fish around the big lake
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to help at all times


  • Expensive to fish here. But you are being exposed to some of the best freshwater fishing on the country


Close to 100 reviews for the Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park on Tripadvisor AU at the time of writing this, and most of them extremely positive


You can find them here:

Contact for booking:

If you want to book at the Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park, you can contact them through their website here

Fishing Parks in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, and there are plenty of fishing opportunities here, both fresh and salt water.

There are a few fishing parks in Phuket, but the two that stand out are detailed below.

Both fishing parks are family-friendly, so if you want to take the kids for a fun day’s fishing then both are good options.

Phuket Fishing Park

The Phuket Fishing Park moved to a bigger lake late in 2017 and moved all of the fish to the new location.

More space in a lake offers more room for the fish to grow, and this certainly seems to be the case here, with some excellent size specimens being caught here on a regular basis.

The lake is owned and run by an expat Aussie called Chris. It is very well run and provides an excellent experience for anyone fishing there.

Each swim has a bamboo ‘Sala’, which is perfect to provide you shelter from the sun while you fish.

There is a restaurant on site that provides basic Thai and International food, and lunch is included in the price.

They are also in the process of building a swimming pool in the grounds too.

Transportation to and from your Hotel can be arranged, and if your Hotel is on the regular route of the driver (around Patong area), then the price is also included in the daily fee.

Opening hours:

Fishing is from 8:30am to 6:00pm 7 days a week


There is a mix is both native and some foreign species in the lake:

  • Giant Mekong Catfish
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish
  • Asian Red Tail Catfish
  • Alligator Gar
  • Rohu
  • Pacu
  • Striped Catfish
  • Spotted Featherback
  • Walking Catfish


1 rod (bread bait) = 2500 Baht (approximately USD $80, GBP £61, AUD $113)

2 rods (bread bait and dead bait) = 3400 Baht (approximately USD $108, GBP £83, AUD $152)

Children under 12 (1x bread bait rod) = 1550 Baht (approximately USD $49, GBP £38, AUD $69)

Spectators not fishing = 700 Baht (this covers the transportation and lunch)

These prices include return transfers from the Patong area, all fishing gear and baits, and lunch.


  • Some very productive fishing to be had here, with a lot of decent size specimens in the lake
  • The new lake provides a lot more room for everyone, so even when each swim is occupied you are not crammed in
  • Chris and his team are both friendly and knowledgeable, so it is good for both the novice and expert anglers
  • Family friendly place
  • Return transportation from Patong area included


  • Although lunch is included in the price, the food is pretty basic


The Phuket Fishing Park is located a few kilometers north of Kathu district, towards the NE of the island.


A lot of positive reviews available for Phuket Fishing Park

Contact for booking:

To book at the Phuket Fishing Park, contact them via their website page

Social Media:

You can see their Facebook page here

Chalong Fishing Park

Another good option if you want to go fishing in Phuket is Chalong Fishing Park.

Located in Rawai, the lake is at the South East end of the island and offers some great fishing, with a variety of both native and foreign species.

Operated by an English expat called Jez, the park is run to a very high standard, with all staff involved being friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Although Chalong Fishing Park is still fairly new (it opened in late 2016), a lot of effort has gone into building up the surrounding area with plants and trees to make it look as lush and natural as possible.

There is a swimming pool in the grounds, so if you want to bring the family and kids they can always have a play in there.

The lake also offers a great opportunity for kids to learn the fun of fishing, and special kids rates are available too.

There is also a great restaurant and bar available at Chalong Fishing Park. It serves both Thai and International food and has a good selection of both.

Opening hours:

The lake is open for fishing 7 days a week, and hours are from 8am to 8pm, except for Wednesdays where it is now open for fishing until 10pm.


There are close to 20 different species stocked in the Chalong lake, including a few recently added Arapaima.Here is a more detailed list of what you can catch here:

  • Giant Mekong Catfish (up to 40kg)
  • Chao Phraya Catfish (up to 40kg)
  • Striped Catfish (up to 20kg)
  • Walking Catfish (up to 8kg)
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish (up to 20kg)
  • Asian Red Tail Catfish (up to 10kg)
  • Tiger Red Tail Catfish (up to 5kg)
  • Giant Siamese Carp (up to 25kg)
  • Indian (Rohu) Carp (up to 6kg)
  • Common Carp (up to 8kg)
  • Mrigal Carp (up to 5kg)
  • Pacu (up to 12kg)
  • Alligator Gar (up to 15kg)
  • Arapaima (up to 35kg)
  • Black Shark Minnow (up to 8kg)
  • Tilapia (up to 2kg)
  • Java Barb (up to 2kg)


Full day fishing (over 6 hours) = 2000 Baht (approximately USD $63, GBP £49, AUD $90)

Half-day fishing (up to 6 hours) = 1600 Baht (approximately USD $51, GBP £39, AUD $72)

Walk-in rate (up to 3 hours) = 1200 Baht (approximately USD $38, GBP £29, AUD $54)

Children’s rate = half price when fishing with an adult

There is no charge for non-fishing guests

These rates include the following:

2 rods and tackle for both, standard baits, guides, and also the usage of the facilities such as the swimming pool, showers, bar, and restaurant.


I reached out to the Chalong Fishing Park owner Jez, to see if he had any updates that people should know about for the fishing there, and he came back with the following: 

(February 23rd, 2019)

Just for the record we are putting final plans in place to extend the lake and hopefully will start digging within the month.

Once the extension lake if full and maturing we will remove the bank and make it one.

The lake will probably be around half again (size once the extension is complete) and yes the stocking programme will be on-going until we have it where we want it.

Best Regards, Jez.

From: Jez C
Owner of Chalong Fishing Park


  • Very well run fishing park with excellent facilities
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Good selection of fish species
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Well kept fishing lake and surrounding areas
  • Use of barbless hooks required to help maintain the health of the fish


  • Nothing negative to say about Chalong Fishing Park, a great day’s fishing


You can find the Chalong Fishing Park here:


A lot of positive reviews for Chalong Fishing Park


You can book here

Social Media:

You can see their Facebook page here

Fishing Parks in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in the far North of Thailand and a very popular place for both tourists and expats.

There are many wonderful things to do and see in Chiang Mai, and if you want to do a spot of fishing while you are there, then you have plenty of excellent options too.

Here are a few of the better fishing parks in Chiang Mai

Go’B Fishing Park

The Go’B fishing park offers an all-in-one fishing experience, that incorporates some excellent fishing and wonderful accommodation right on the lake (if you wanted to stay there overnight).

The first sensation you feel when you arrive at Go’B fishing park is the wonderful sense of tranquility.

This secluded lake is set in amongst the rice paddy fields, yet is still only 15 minutes drive from the airport.

You can come for a day’s fishing here (booking required), or if you fancy a few days fishing, then you can rent one of the lakeside bungalows (if you rent a bungalow, you are able to fish 24 hours on the lake).

There is transportation to and from the lake available. The owners of the lake will come and pick you up, either from the airport or from your hotel.

This is a family-run business, and they clearly have a passion for both their lake and their customers. You will get a real Thai welcome here.

You will feel this as soon as they pick you up from your hotel, their aim is for you to have a great day fishing. It makes you feel like you have spent your money in the right place, even before you start fishing!

Opening hours:

You can fish from 8am through to 10:30pm every day. As mentioned, if you are staying in one of the lakeside bungalows, then 24-hour fishing is available to you, fishing directly from your bungalow.


There are a few different species stocked in the Go’B fishing park, most native and a few foreign.

The size of the fish in this lake is impressive though, there are a lot of really big specimens to be caught here, so expect to get into some decent battles with these big fish when you come here!

  • Giant Mekong Catfish
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish
  • Giant Chao Praya Catfish
  • Alligator Gar


Full day fishing (from 8am to 10pm) – 1800 Baht (approximately USD $57, GBP £44, AUD $81)

This includes transportation to and from your hotel, 1 rod with tackle and bait. A guide, and meals with soft drinks. A reservation deposit of 40% is required.

For longer stays in one of the lakeside bungalows, you can see their prices on their website


  • Some really good fishing to be had here, with some big fish being caught on a regular basis
  • Very friendly and helpful owners and staff. The guides really help put you on the fish
  • Transportation plus food and soft drinks included in the price
  • Open till late every night
  • The lake is set in very peaceful and pleasant surroundings
  • Nice accommodation available, lakeside bungalows from which you can fish for 24 hours
  • Pretty reasonable pricing


  • Hard to find fault with this well run, and productive fishing park


A few reviews are available, and most of the reviews are extremely positive


Social Media:

Keep up with the Go’B Fishing Park on their Facebook page

BoSang Fishing Park

The BoSang fishing park in Chiang Mai offers a big lake set in pleasant surroundings.

The size of the lake provides plenty of options for anglers, and it’s always easy to find a decent swim to fish from.

Some of the swims around the lake offer some shade, and there are some that have some bamboo shelters as well to keep the sun off you, and a stretch of swims under some corrugated iron roofing.

There are certain areas of the lake that are more productive than others, but you will catch fish all around the lake.

One thing that should be noted about BoSang fishing park is that by far the most common fish you will catch here is the Giant Mekong Catfish.

The Mekong Catfish is so dominant here, and they grow to be very large in this lake too. It is very common to catch Mekong Catfish in the 20-30kg range here, and they provide a very hard fight too, so you will leave this lake with aching arms and shoulders.

The lack of diversity in species here may put some people off, especially if you like to target different species throughout the day.

But if you are happy to catch big Mekong Catfish after big Mekong Catfish, then make no mistake, BoSang delivers!


The facilities here are fairly basic, but you do have everything you need. There is a restaurant and a café here, and the food is pretty good.

You can also buy beer if you fancy a cold one after hauling some of those big Mekong Catfish in (the beer is well earned here after pulling in all these massive Mekong Catfish!)


As mentioned, the Mekong Catfish is heavily dominant at BoSang, but if you can get your bait past those, then there are a few other species that can be caught here too:

  • Striped Catfish
  • Chinese Carp
  • Giant Siamese Carp
  • Jullien’s Carp
  • Small Scale Mud Carp
  • Nile Tilapia


No transportation required (you make your own way to and from the lake):

Half-day – 1199 Baht – includes rod hire, guide, bait, soft drinks (approximately USD $38, GBP £30, AUD $63)

Full day – 1399 Baht – includes rod hire, guide, bait, lunch and soft drinks (approximately USD $45, GBP £35, AUD $54)

With transportation included (pick up and return to your hotel)Half day – 1599 Baht – includes rod hire, guide, bait, soft drinks (approximately USD $51, GBP £40, AUD $71)

Full day – 1799 Baht – includes rod hire, guide, bait, lunch and soft drinks (approximately USD $58, GBP £45, AUD $80)

Fishing with no guide or transportation required

500 Baht per rod, includes some bait


  • Prolific fishing here, with large Mekong Catfish being the most prominent species
  • High catch rate around the whole lake
  • Food and drink available
  • Children welcome here
  • Reasonable rates


  • Service here can be hit or miss
  • Mostly Mekong Catfish being caught here. Still good fun, but a variety of different species is hard to come by


Some mixed reviews for BoSang, mostly about the level of service at times. But when it comes to catching big fish, most are positive.


You can find the BoSang fishing park here:

Want to book:

You can book at BoSang fishing park here

Social Media:

BoSang fishing Park Facebook page can be found here

Teak Tree Fishing Lake

The Teak Tree fishing lake is a bit different to most other fishing parks, as it is an all-inclusive stay, meaning the packages include the (very nice) accommodation plus private lakeside fishing.

The lake is owned by UK angler, Bruce and his Thai wife Noon.

Bruce had originally bought the land and built the lake to satisfy his own fishing pleasures, but they decided to open it up as a more exclusive fishing resort (and you’ll be glad they did if you ever stay and fish here!)

The lake is set in wonderfully peaceful surroundings, with lush green trees, fields, and mountains surrounding the area.

What is different about Teak Tree fishing resort is that you get the lake to yourself when you book here! Now that’s what I call exclusive fishing!


Let’s start off with the accommodation on offer here, as day packages are not available so you will need to stay in one of the bungalows available here.

Now, these are not the typical small basic accommodation that you find in so many lakes in Thailand that do offer accommodation.

These are pretty luxurious bungalows that offer space, great facilities and also are right on the lake so you can do all of your fishing from here.

You have the option of cooking for yourself during your stay (you get a small amount off the daily price if you do), or if you don’t want to worry about that yourself, Noon is an amazing cook and will provide 3 meals a day for you (both Thai and Western dishes available).

The following video gives you a guided tour of one of the bungalows here:


This beautiful lake is stocked with a wide range of species, both native and non-native, and is exclusively yours to fish at during your stay here.

The fishing here is incredible, it fits in perfectly with the high standards of the rest of the resort.

Bruce is a very experienced angler who has fished all over the world and will be able to give you the guidance needed to catch any of the species you want to fish for.

You will be given very good quality gear to fish with (Shimano Beastmaster rods and baitrunner reels), and the appropriate bait and gear depending on what species you want to fish for.

You can decide what methods you want to use, whether you want to fish for the big predators in the lake or some of the massive non-predatory species.


There are over 40 different species stocked in the lake here, many of which grow to massive sizes too.I have listed some of the bigger species below, but you can see a more detailed list on their website here

  • Arapaima (100kg+)
  • Giant Mekong Catfish (85kg+)
  • Giant Siamese Carp (30kg+)
  • Chao Phraya Catfish (55kg+)
  • Amazon Red Tail Catfish (50kg+)
  • Kaho Carp (20kg+)
  • Pacu
  • Jullien’s Carp
  • Tambaqui
  • Alligator Gar


I’m sure you have already guessed by now, but Teak Tree Resort and Fishing Lake is not a budget option, and you will have to pay fairly high prices to stay and fish here.

But what you get for your money is a pretty unique experience, staying in high-quality lakeside accommodation, with exclusive fishing that is of the highest standards.

The all-inclusive package consists of the following:

– Transfers to and from the airport, or Chiang Mai city area

 – Accommodation – staying in one of the two luxury bungalows on the lake

 – All meals

 – Good quality tackle – 2 x rods and reels per angler, plus all bait and tackle required

 – Guidance – Bruce will be there to give you all the advice and help you need

1 to 2 day stays = 6,500 Baht day (approximately USD $208, GBP £161, AUD $291)

Any additional days wanted thereafter are charged at 5,500 Baht day (approximately USD $176, GBP £136, AUD $246)

If you want to self-cater during your stay, you can deduct 500 Baht from the daily amount

If you want to book at Teak Tree resort, you can find their contact details on their website here


  • Amazing lakeside accommodation set in beautiful surroundings
  • Excellent warm service provided by Bruce and Noon
  • Exclusivity to the lake when you stay here
  • Very productive fishing, with a wide range of species and many specimen sizes to be caught
  • Excellent guidance from Bruce on any of the species you want to catch
  • Very nice food cooked for you by Noon
  • Close enough proximity to all of the tourist attractions that are in Chiang Mai. Bruce is also willing to take you out to see the sights.
  • Very good quality fishing gear provided


  • Nothing negative to say about Teak Tree fishing resort. Yes, it is pricey, but then look at what you get for your money!


At the time of writing this, there are 15 reviews on TripAdvisor AU for the Teak Tree fishing resort, and all of them are 5* reviews!


You can find the Teak Tree Fishing Resort at the below location:

Social Media:

Keep up to date with the Teak Tree Fishing Lake on their Facebook page 

Fishing in Udon Thani

Udon Thani is one of four major cities in the North East region of Thailand (Issan).

The city is a wonderful mix of old meets new, and you can find a wide range of things to do here.

There is quite a large ex-pat community living in and around Udon Thani, so you will notice there is a very diverse mix of cuisine, from the wonderful flavors from North-East Thailand through to more international dishes.

There is also some excellent fishing to be found in Udon Thani too.

Lek’s Fishing Park

Lek’s Fishing Park offers exceptional fishing in beautiful natural surroundings.

Lek’s is situated in a very quiet and peaceful location, yet is only 15 minutes from the entertainment hub in the city, so all of the restaurants, shopping malls, and nightlife close enough to visit if you wanted.

There is also accommodation available at Lek’s Fishing Park, so if you wanted to stay on site and fish as much as possible then you can do this.


If you want to stay in one of the luxury villas then you will also have access to a private spa pool. Your room will be fully equipped with flat-screen TV’s, air conditioning, high-speed internet, king-size bed, coffee/tea making facilities, and even Netflix.

There are lakeside bungalows and more luxurious villas at Lek’s, which offer comfort and shade from the sun while allowing you direct access to the lake to fish.


The fishing at Lek’s Fishing Park is exceptional, with over 55 species being stocked in the lake, and some of the species in the lake are huge as well.

Here are just a few of the species you can target while fishing here:

  • Mekong Catfish – up to 350 lbs
  • Arapaima – up to 250 lbs
  • Siamese Carp – over 100 lbs
  • Chao Phraya Catfish
  • Alligator Gar
  • Amazon Redtail Catfish
  • Julien’s Carp
  • Catla Catla
  • Asian Grass Carp
  • Chinese Big Head Carp
  • And many more… (see full species list here)

They provide good quality fishing equipment at Lek’s, which will cope with the huge specimens in the lake when you hook into some of them.

Free Spirit fishing rods, Shimano bait runner reels, Solar rod pods, Delkim alarms, and a full tackle box are all supplied.


Day Tickets:

Day Ticket 1. – Basic package: – 2 Rods (1 carp and 1 Predator Rod) 2950 Baht

Day Ticket 2. – Carp package: – 3 carp rods 3250 Baht

Day Ticket 3. – MAIN Premium Arapaima / Carp Package: – 3 rods 2 carp and 1 Arapaima / Predator Rod (this is the most popular package as it provides the best-mixed species catch rate inc being able to stalk the giant Arapaima) 3500 Baht

Extra Rods available: – Arapaima Rod 1000 Baht Carp Rod 500 Baht

Group Bookings & Exclusive use of the lake:

Exclusive use of the lake 1 – 4 anglers (using any of our day ticket packages) 14,000 Baht total per day. Any additional members of the group (if more than 4) would be charged at a standard day rate for their chosen package and all would have exclusive use of the lake meaning that you can move around and fish anywhere on the lake, you would also have full use of both bungalows, including the swimming pool and the sala where you can stalk the Arapaima…


  • Superb fishing to be had here
  • Massive fish stocked in the lake
  • Huge variety of species
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating staff
  • Great facilities
  • Lake set in a peaceful location while still being close enough to the city if you wanted to venture in
  • Good accommodation available


  • None – Lek’s is a great place to stay and fish


Many positive reviews about Lek’s Fishing Park – read here


You can find Lek’s Fishing Park here:

Social Media:


If you are interested in fishing at Lek’s Fishing Park, you can contact Doug and Lek through their website

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