Daiwa Spinning Reels – Buyers Guide 2018

In my personal opinion, Daiwa spinning reels are the closest competition to the Shimano range, and they have some excellent options at all price ranges.

Although I have primarily used Shimano reels, I have purchased a couple of Daiwa reels in the last 12 months and I have been extremely impressed by them. Also, I know a lot of anglers that use them and they swear by them.

My opinion of Daiwa spinning reels was enhanced further still while I was compiling all of the information I needed to put this buyers guide together. As well as the two Daiwa reels I own, I also tried out several different reels from the Daiwa range which allowed me compile this “Best Daiwa spinning reels 2017” list.

I have included Daiwa spinning reels in this list that cover a range of prices, from the lower cost sub $100 models, to the higher priced premium Daiwa reels, so there will be something here to suit all budgets. As with all of my buyer guides here on fishingmyway.co, I may add and / or delete models throughout the year if I feel things have changed, or new models are released that warrant their place in this list.

So let’s get into the reels….

Best Daiwa spinning reels 2018




Daiwa Saltiga

daiwa saltiga

Daiwa Saltist

daiwa saltist spinning reel

Daiwa Ballistic EX

Daiwa Lexa

daiwa lexa spinning reel

Daiwa BG

Daiwa Exist

Daiwa Luvias

Daiwa Fuego

daiwa spinning reels

Daiwa Revros

Daiwa Certate

daiwa spinning reels 2017

Daiwa Caldia

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