Fishing Tips

How Long Should a Leader Line Be?

Using a leader is essential for certain types of fishing, so understanding the best ways to use them is imperative. One question I hear a lot is how long a leader line should be? Here I answer that question and look at a couple of different scenarios where you would be using a leader line….

braking systems for baitcaster reels

Different Braking Systems on Baitcaster Reels

While this isn’t much of a ‘sexy’ topic to read (or write) about, I feel that understanding the different braking systems, how they differ, and what their strengths are, will ultimately help you decide which baitcaster reel is right for you. What is the job of a brake on a baitcaster reel? Before we get…

how to cast a baitcaster reel

How to Cast a Baitcaster Reel

So, you’ve probably read of the benefits that a baitcaster reel can offer, and then decided on which baitcaster reel is the right one for you. Now you just need to learn how to cast one of these weird and wonderful reels! Casting a spinning reel is a fairly simple process, and you can figure…

beaitcaster reels vs spinning reels

Baitcaster vs Spinning Reel | Should I Get a Baitcaster Reel or a Spinning Reel?

When most people start fishing they usually start out with a spinning reel, or at least a reel of a similar design to a spinning reel. There’s a good reason for this, and that’s because spinning reels are much easier to use than a bait caster reel. But once you become a more proficient angler…

best surf fishing tips

Best Surf Fishing Rigs

While there are many different rigs that can be used while surf fishing, the five listed below are very effective and offer a variety of setups to suit different conditions. You should definitely have enough options here to allow you to fish in all surf conditions for a wide variety of fish, so give some…

best times of the day to go fishing

Best Times of the Day to Go Fishing

So, you wake up fairly early and get your first line out on the water by 8 am, but then nothing… bites, or any action for the next 3 hours! Did you miss the best times of the day to catch the fish biting, or were you too early? This is the issue that all…