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best spinning rods

Best Spinning Rods – 2023 Buyers Guide

There is a vast range of spinning rods available today, with varying degrees in both quality and price. So, I have done a huge amount of research and testing to narrow down the best spinning rods on the market at the moment. I have also broken these down into two groups, so we’ll be looking…

Best Surf Fishing Rods 2022

Surf fishing can involve a variety of techniques and provide a lot of different options for us. So the best surf rods to use can also be varied to meet the specific requirements. Surf rods are generally longer in length, you will find this range starts at around 9 feet and goes all the way…

best rod and reel combos

Best Rod and Reels Combos (Baitcaster and Spinning)

Buying a rod and reel combo is an excellent option if you’re not sure what your best pairings are yourself. There are some excellent combos to be had these days, with the big brands all having a wide choice of both baitcaster and spinning combos available. Sometimes you will get a better deal when buying…

Fishing Rod Power and Action – Explained

If you have done any research into new fishing rods, you will certainly have seen ‘Power’ and ‘Action’ mentioned in the design specifics for each rod you look at. It is important to understand these two factors as the performance of a rod will vary significantly depending on the power and action a rod has….

what is the best size rod and reel for inshore fishing

What is the Best Size Rod and Reel for Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing can vary significantly, and this can also mean the best size rod and reel can also vary depending on where and how you intend to fish. Although there is no right or wrong size rod and reel to use when inshore fishing, there are some sweet spots dependent on the type of fishing…