Fishing Equipment

Best Surf Fishing Rods 2021

Surf fishing can involve a variety of techniques and provide a lot of different options for us. So the best surf rods to use can also be varied to meet the specific requirements. Surf rods are generally longer in length, you will find this range starts at around 9 feet and goes all the way […]

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best spinning rods

Best Spinning Rods – 2021 Buyers Guide

There is a vast range of spinning rods available today, with varying degrees in both quality and price. So, I have done a huge amount of research and testing to narrow down the best spinning rods on the market at the moment. I have also broken these down into two groups, so we’ll be looking […]

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best Shimano spinning reels

Best Shimano Spinning Reels 2021 – Buyers Guide

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. The wide range of Shimano spinning reels available now is impressive, with new and updated models being added on a regular basis! But there are just so many reels to choose from, so […]

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best baitcaster reels

Best Baitcaster Reels 2021

If you have made the decision to get yourself a new baitcaster reel, then you will quickly see just how many great quality reels are currently available. This can be overwhelming, trying to figure out which reel is right for you. So, I have compiled a detailed list of the best baitcaster reels so you […]

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Shimano Nasci Spinning Reel – 2021 Buyers Guide

**Notice: Shimano will soon be releasing a new updated 2021 version of the Shimano Nasci reel. There are some sizes available now, and others can be pre-ordered. Click here for availability The Shimano Nasci spinning reel has quickly become one of the most popular reels in Shimano’s range. The reason for this is that it […]

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best inline ice fishing reels

Best Inline Ice Fishing Reels

Winter is coming! It’s time to put the summer fishing gear away for a few months and get yourself ready for some hardcore ice fishing. In this article I have compiled some of the best inline ice fishing reels currently available, so you can continue your fishing as soon as the thick ice comes. Here […]

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spinning reel sizes

GUIDE – How to Choose the Right Size Spinning Reel

We’ve all been there at some stage in our fishing lives. We decide we want to buy a lovely new spinning reel, only to get to the store and become overwhelmed with the multitude of size variations on offer! Deciding what size spinning reel you need can be a bit of a challenge for some, […]

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shimano vanford spinning reel review

Shimano Vanford Spinning Reel Review

To say that the Shimano Vanford has big boots to fill is an understatement. The Stradic Ci4+ had been such a hit with anglers around the world for many years, so it was a bold move by Shimano to completely remove it from their range of spinning reels. I personally like the way Shimano design […]

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best rod and reel combos

Best Rod and Reels Combos (Baitcaster and Spinning)

Buying a rod and reel combo is an excellent option if you’re not sure what your best pairings are yourself. There are some excellent combos to be had these days, with the big brands all having a wide choice of both baitcaster and spinning combos available. Sometimes you will get a better deal when buying […]

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best lures for saltwater fishing

What Are the Best Lures for Saltwater Fishing?

Lure fishing has become increasingly popular over the years, and the variety of lures available now is extensive. With so many different kinds of lures available, it is beneficial to know what you can use for saltwater fishing and the best situations for using each type of lure. In this guide, I will go through […]

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best fishing backpacks

Best Fishing Backpacks – 2021 Buyers Guide

Carrying a lot of heavy fishing gear around is not fun, but it’s an essential part of any fishing trip if you want to make sure you are fully equipped. Fortunately, backpacks make the job much easier, and some of the more specialized fishing backpacks are really innovative in their design. A detailed look at […]

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best Penn spinning reels

Best Penn Spinning Reels 2021

Penn spinning reels have a reputation for being robust workhorses, and they offer a blend of traditional design concepts while incorporating modern technology. But does this make them a good option for you? Here we take a look at the best Penn spinning reels, to give you an idea of what models they currently have […]

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