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Best Spinning Rods – 2024 Buyers Guide

If you are in the market for a new spinning rod, then I’m sure you will have seen just how many options you have. There is a vast range of spinning rods available today, with varying degrees in both quality and price.

I have done a huge amount of research and testing to narrow down the best spinning rods on the market at the moment.

I have also broken these down into two groups, so we’ll be looking at the best rods over $100, and then the best rods for under $100.

So let’s get into this right away…

Best Spinning Rods 2024

Spinning Rods Over $100Spinning Rods Under $100
G-Loomis NRX Inshore Shimano SLX
Shimano Expride B All Star Classic Series Saltwater
Shimano Teramar SE Cadence CR5
Star Rods Plasma II Inshore KastKing Resolute
St Croix Avid X Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite
Fenwick Elite Bass Piscifun Serpent
Shimano Zodias Abu Garcia Vendetta

Spinning rods over $100

1. G-Loomis NRX Inshore

G-Loomis NRX Inshore Spinning Rod - Top Rated over $100

There are so many great G Loomis rods to choose from, but their NRX inshore spinning rod really stands out as being a top-drawer option from their high-quality spinning rod range.

So what made the NRX inshore the best overall rod and what makes it stand out from the rest?

First of all, the NRX rods are incredibly light, so you can throw lures all day with them and still not feel even a twinge of an arm or shoulder ache. The casting distance achievable by any of the rods in the NRX range is also impressive, they seem to launch lures out into the ocean with effortless ease.

Why I chose the G-Loomis NRX Inshore as the winner of the over $100 best spinning rods

The sensitivity of the NRX inshore rod is clearly apparent when you start using it, and what you would expect from a premium rod in this price range. You can feel everything, and if a fish comes in close to inspect your lure you will feel this transmit through the rod exceptionally well.

One thing that really needs to be emphasized with this rod is just how powerful it is. The multi-taper blank design provides the incredible backbone that you need to really put some pressure on and gain the upper hand on the harder-fighting fish. It is the ideal combination of delicate feel and power.

The balance of the NRX inshore rod is impressive and is a key part of the overall performance. It sits so well in the hand and gives you optimal control over the rod at all times. 

The high-end componentry has been well thought out on this rod, with each part playing its role in delivering the performance you expect from a premium fishing rod such as this.

best spinning rods
G Loomis NRX Inshore

The guides used along the rod vary depending on their position, and this has been done to optimize their performance based on their position on the rod.

The titanium framed, SIC K-frame stripper guides have been designed to keep braided line from tangling on the frames at the stiffest point of the rod. Then the nickel-titanium recoil guides have been included to reduce weight and increase the rate of recovery at the tip of the rod, creating improved casting distance.

All of the rods in the NRX Inshore range are either fast action or Extra fast action rods, which gives you the ability to set hooks faster as soon as you feel a take on your lure.

Check out the full NRX Inshore range and specs’ for all here

Overall, the G Loomis NRX Inshore is an exceptional fishing rod that will no doubt enhance your experience on the water, no matter what rod you were using previously. 

If you are a keen bass angler, then there is also the excellent G Loomis NRX+ Bass rod to consider as well.

My thoughts on the G Loomis NRX Inshore rod

I am not going to lie; I was blown away when I used this rod. Every aspect of its performance seems to be dialed in, it’s as if this rod is permanently in the zone and ready to catch you fish.

The sensitivity is incredible, the comfort and handling are hard to fault in any way, and the power it can put onto a fish when needed is impressive.

Even at the premium price of this rod, the quality and aesthetics are next-level good

Reel pairing tip

To properly complement this rod, it needs to be matched with an exceptional reel. Several premium spinning reels would work well with this rod, but two I am going to suggest are:

While the NRX inshore spinning rod won the main prize, there are plenty of other exceptional spinning rods from G. Loomis that are knocking at the door. Here are some of them:

2. Shimano Expride B

Shimano Expride B Spinning Rod

The premium Shimano Expride B range was given an upgrade in 2022, and this latest version has taken this rod to new heights, with a combination of premium components and the most advanced rod technologies being used throughout the rod construction.

The Expride B series was primarily designed for bass fishing, although it has been proven by many top anglers to be extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of species and fishing applications.

The optimal experience provided by the Expride B starts from the amazing aesthetics, this rod has stunning looks and the design has been really well thought out and executed by the designers at Shimano.

But this rod is far from just being a good-looker. It also has the performance and quality to back up the good looks as well. 

When you hold this rod you will quickly start to feel the quality that the Expride range is well known for. The rod is light and comfortable to hold, and Shimano has the balance just right when a suitable reel is attached to the rod.

So what is new with the Expride B range?

Firstly, Shimano has introduced their excellent carbon monocoque handle system, which has been such a successful and popular design feature on other premium rods in their ranges. 

The innovative design of the hollow carbon rear grip not only reduces weight across the whole rod but also provides an enhanced vibration transfer directly to the hand of the angler, so even the lightest of investigations from a fish is felt.

The next new design feature is the Hi-Power X blank construction. This innovative design results in a much stronger and lighter rod blank that also improves casting accuracy and the overall balance of the rod.

The last new upgrade for the Expride B range is the inclusion of the excellent Ci4+ custom reel seat.

best Shimano spinning rods
Ci4+ reel seat

The sensitivity this Ci4+ seat provides will give you that upper edge over any timid fish that seem to be shy on the bite. The seat complements the blank and the carbon monocoque handle. 

The Ci4+ reel seat sits nicely in between the premium cork fore-grip and mid-grip, providing a very comfortable experience.

The Shimano Expride B range of spinning rods has been expanded since the previous range, so you now have more options to really match your needs.

To see the full available range and specs’ for each rod check here

My thoughts on the Shimano Expride B

This rod is a fantastic option for a variety of spinning applications. I found it to be incredibly comfortable to use and the responsiveness I got from this rod really impressed me. It is a light rod that I found extremely easy to cast a wide range of lures with.

For me, the Expride B is one of the best Shimano spinning rods I have ever tried. For the price, you are getting a lot of quality for your money.

Reel pairing tip

Pair the Shimano Expride B spinning rod with a Shimano Sustain FJ reel to achieve optimal performance

3. Shimano SE Teramar

Shimano SE Teramar Spinning Rod

Another very worthy entry into the over $100 category went to the Shimano SE Teramar spinning rod.

What a great rod this is, and at a really affordable price too considering the quality and performance ability you get with the SE Teramar spinning rod by Shimano.

The balance of the rod feels spot-on, and you feel that you are in perfect control at all times when handling it. The grade A cork handle grip adds to the comfort, and the Fuji reel guide will ensure your reel is tightly secured and ready for battle.

Casting is effortless with this rod, and also extremely accurate. Don’t be afraid to throw some heavier lead with this rod as well, it can handle it!

The TC4 blank on the SE Teramar has been designed so that it provides a great deal of strength without adding more weight to the rod.

The construction includes two layers of T Glass and a weave of high modulus graphite, which makes it so robust.

This rod uses Fuji Alconite guides, which are lightweight and durable. They also incorporate a Fuji reel seat, and all models have cork handle grips for extra comfort and more grip while you’re fighting decent-sized fish.

The Teramar SE range comes in Medium Light models all the way up to Medium Heavy (ML, M & MH available), and lengths from 6.6’ up to 7.6’ (6.6’, 7’ & 7.6’ available)

This range will give you plenty of options as far as target fish and will give you the flexibility to pair them up with a wide range of reel sizes.

You can see the full Teramar SE range and specs’ for each different model here

best inshore spinning rods
Shimano Teramar SE

My thoughts on the Shimano Teramar SE

I am so impressed with the quality and performance this rod gives you for the price point. If you are thinking of buying a spinning rod that offers versatility, durability, and quality, all at an affordable price, then this should be high up on your shortlist

Reel pairing tip

I have a couple of spinning reel suggestions to pair up well with the Teramar SE rod. If you are considering one of the lighter line-weight rods in the SE Teramar range, I suggest pairing it with a Shimano Stradic FL.

If you are looking at one of the heavier line-weight rods, then I would recommend the Daiwa BG MQ spinning reel

4. Star Rods Plasma II

Star Rods Plasma II Spinning Rod

If you are looking for a high-quality spinning rod at a more affordable price, then the  Star Rods Plasma II inshore range is an excellent option to consider.

When Star Rods updated the Plasma II rod, they reduced the weight by around 10% from the previous version, while keeping the same power and strength within the rod design. 

The power in this Plasma II rod starts from the rod blank, constructed with high-modulus graphite, and uses Duratech technology to tie together the multi-directional graphite.

While the Plasma II spinning rod has power to burn, you also get a huge amount of feedback from the rod also, and even the tiniest of investigations are transmitted through the rod to your hand, the sensitivity is very impressive.

The Fuji SK2 reel seat plays a big part in the sensitivity of the rod, it also helps with keeping the weight of the rod down. The reel seat is positioned between a premium cork split grip, which is very comfortable to hold. 

top rated spinning rods
Star Rods Plasma II

The rod guides used on the Plasma II are the solid Fuji KL-H guides, which do an effective job of allowing the line to travel freely through them, resulting in tangle-free casting ability.

The fishing rod lengths in the Plasma II range run from 7ft, 7’6″, and up to 8ft. They also offer a decent range of line rating, starting from 4-10lb for lighter fishing applications, all the way up to 12-25lb for heavier inshore saltwater fishing.

Click here to see the full range of Plasma II rods and all the specifications for each

What I like about the Plasma II

What I like about this rod, is that a smaller brand like Star Rods can create rods that can compete with some of the rods that bigger fishing rod brands create.

I know that most of the rod materials and components used on Star Rods are not USA-made, but that is hard to find anywhere in this day and age. 

The Plasma II spinning rod provides a lot of quality and is a strong, durable yet extremely sensitive and responsive rod. You are getting a lot for your money with the Plasma II rod.

Reel pairing tip

Pair the Plasma II with the excellent Cedros spinning reel from Okuma

5. St Croix Avid Series

St Croix Avid Series spinning rod

There had to be a winning choice from the excellent St Croix spinning rod range, and the one that makes this list (although there are several other worthy contenders from the St. Croix range) is the Avid Series.

I felt the St Croix Avid Series was a very worthy entry from the extensive St Croix rods range as the design quality and attention to detail throughout the rod were clearly evident.

The reason why this rod is so good is that St Croix has continued to develop their ever-popular Avid spinning rod and made some key enhancements to really make the Avid series rod perform at an even higher level than its predecessor.

If you like to fish with finesse, this Avid Series rod is a great fit as it is super-sensitive and will enable you to feel, and then quickly react to even the faintest of touches on your lure.

But to make the Avid Series the complete rod, it also packs a lot of power, so you can really control the fish as soon as you set the hook.

The rod uses a high-modulus SCIII graphite blank, which helps to keep the action very smooth. The integrated Poly Curve tooling technology provides a consistent thickness throughout the rod, which again adds to the overall performance of the rod.

Fitted with Kigan Z micro-guides that have slim-line aluminum-oxide rings and are extremely strong and durable, and come housed in gun-smoke frames. The Avid also has a Fuji VSS reel seat with a twist lock foregrip.

top spinning rods

The St Croix Avid Series rod is light, very light in fact! The sensitivity of the rod is impressive, and will really suit those that prefer to fish by ‘feel’.

The premium cork handle was added, and the cork grip makes it extremely comfortable to use. The Kigan micro-guides have also been optimally placed to increase sensitivity and improve casting ability.

It is this attention to detail that has made the St Croix Avid an absolute beast of a rod!

My thoughts on the St Croix Avid

The St Croix Avid Series is a high-quality spinning rod that impressed me from the minute I started using it. It oozes quality and feels responsive and powerful. It is a versatile rod that you can use for different fishing applications. 

If you want a really good rod at an affordable price, then this Avid Series rod is one I highly recommend.

Reel pairing tip

I have a couple of suggestions for spinning reels to pair with the Avid Series rod, that will complement and work well with the rod:

1. Abu Garcia Revo3 Rocket Spinning reel

2. Daiwa Ballistic LT MQ Spinning Reel

6. Fenwick Elite Bass

Fenwick Elite Bass Spinning Rod

Here is another affordable option that I felt was very worthy of making this list, and certainly something that any bass anglers should consider. 

The Fenwick Elite Bass is a really good finesse rod that is super-light and easy to manage. It also has a powerful blank so if you need to put some pressure on a big bass that is trying to take you into structure or heavy cover, you can really apply that pressure with confidence.

I love the aesthetics of this Fenwick Elite Bass rod, the natural colors used, and the seamless merging of all of the components of the rod, from the rod tip down to the butt of the rod. It looks the part but also performs like a rod way above the price range of this Elite Bass fishing rod. 

Let’s talk components:

Starting at the bottom end of the rod, you have a really stunning-looking split grip, that consists of premium-grade cork handles. They are super-comfortable to use, which is what you need if you are clocking up the fishing hours.

Next, you have Fenwick’s ergonomic reel seat, which provides a sturdy platform for the reel and also helps to transmit even the smallest of bites from a fish back to the angler’s hand. 

The backbone of the rod is made up of the Powerlux 200 carbon blank, which uses a resin technology that improves the bonding process of the high-grade carbon fibers used in the blank.

one of the best spinning rods
Fenwick Elite Bass spinning rod

This has enabled Fenwick to reduce the diameter of the blank while improving its power and strength.

The rod is fitted out with durable titanium guides, all fitted with zirconium inserts, which allow all kinds of fishing line to flow smoothly through them.

You have a few options for rod action in the Elite Bass range, moderate fast, fast, and extra fast. Rod lengths are either 6’9″ or 7ft, and there are both 1-piece and 2-piece rods available in the range as well.

To see the full Elite Bass range click here

My thoughts on the Fenwick Elite Bass

Overall, you are getting good bang for your buck with the Fenwick Elite Bass rod, I highly recommend this for anyone looking to get decent quality for under $200.

Reel pairing tip

A great pairing for the Fenwick Elite Bass spinning rod is the Shimano Miravel spinning reel

7. Shimano Zodias

Shimano Zodias Spinning Rod

The Shimano Zodias was redesigned back in 2020, and this latest version has seen some excellent improvements to what was already a very good quality and popular spinning rod.

In this Zodias rod, Shimano has incorporated state-of-the-art technologies passed down from their elite series of rods, along with all the original features that have made the Zodias a favorite among anglers around the world.

One of the main things Shimano has done with the Zodias rod is to increase its sensitivity by up to 30%.

They have done this through a number of enhancements such as the new hollow Carbon Monocoque grip, which greatly improves vibration transmission.

The high-grade blank that Shimano has used for the Zodias rod features their strong but lightweight Hi-Power X technology, and it’s integrated with a full-carbon handle system.

The Carbon Monocoque grip coupled with a rigid CI4+ carbon fiber reel seat gives you the most incredible feedback, you can feel the slightest of knocks and can make split-second strikes to set the hooks.

Shimano Zodias spinning rod

The Shimano Zodias is extremely light, and whether you are tournament or recreational fishing, you will quickly see just how much casting ability this rod provides, with long casts even with the lightest of lures being very achievable.

There’s no doubting the quality of this Zodias spinning rod. Shimano made this rod with a pairing with their Shimano Vanford spinning reel in mind. Both came out at around a similar time, and the color coding on the Zodias was made to match the Vanford exactly.

My thoughts on the Shimano Zodias

I love this Zodias rod. For the price you can get this rod at, the all-round performance is impressive. It is such a light and responsive rod and it will improve your hook up rates

Reel matching tip

This one is easy, it has to be the Shimano Vanford. Pair these two together for some fishing power games!

Best Spinning Rods Under $100

Now we’re going to look at the selection of the best spinning rods under $100.

There were a lot of great options for this category, and the winners here will certainly provide you with plenty to think about.

1. Shimano SLX

Shimano SLX Spinning Rod

Shimano updated the SLX A spinning rod in 2022, and this new version has undergone a solid overhaul, the result is a very good fishing rod available for around $100.

The aesthetics of the SLX A rod are very eye-catching, the sky-blue and black color scheme certainly draws the eye. 

But the rod is a lot more than just good looks, it has the quality and performance to back those looks up as well.

The proprietary DIAFLASH blank technology that Shimano has used on the SLX rod consists of opposing carbon tape wraps that help to prevent any twist in the rod when it is being put under pressure. 

best spinning rod under $100
Shimano SLX

The strong blank used on the rod provides a lot of power, so you can really lean back into those harder-fighting fish. 

The EVA split grip handles are extremely comfortable and designed for the all-day fishing experience. Then you have a custom Shimano reel seat that provides a solid housing for your reel.

The titanium oxide guides are light and durable, and allow the line to flow smoothly.

My thoughts on the Shimano SLX

Although the SLX rod has been designed for bass anglers, I have found it to be an extremely versatile rod, so don’t be afraid to use it for a wider range of fishing applications and target species. This is an excellent rod for around the $100 mark, you will have a lot of fun fishing with this.

Reel pairing tip

Pair the Shimano SLX with the Shimano Nasci reel for some excellent results

2. All Star Classic Series Saltwater

All Star Classic Series Saltwater Spinning Rod

The Class series saltwater rod from All Star is a great example of quality at a budget price. Available for around $50, you are getting an excellent rod for your money here.

First impressions of this rod were just how light it was. The rod is 100% graphite made and is extremely easy to handle due to its weight. Whether you are fishing lures or bait with this rod, you will be able to throw them around with ease.

It is also extremely sensitive due to the graphite design. You can feel bites clearly, even the smallest of nibbles, and the rod allows you to react quickly to set the hook.

The All Star Classic rod is also very comfortable to handle. The cork grips run the entire length of the handle and even after hours of fishing, you will not feel any discomfort due to the comfortable rod handles and the premium cork grip.

The graphite blank used on this All Star rod is both light and powerful. It is also sturdy, I didn’t notice any twist from the blank when using it, and it ensues confidence when you hook into a decent fish, you just feel that the blank is providing the strong backbone you want when doing battle with a hard-fighting fish.

The All Star Classic series rod is designed for inshore fishing. There are two lengths available, one at 7ft and a longer rod option of 7’6″, with light and medium rod power options, and all rods have moderate action.

best budget spinning rods
All Star Classic Series

All of the All Star Classic rods come as one-piece options, so this might be one thing that could put some off if you prefer two-piece rods to break down to store. But if you are happy with 1-piece rods, then this is an excellent affordable option that will serve you well.

My thoughts on the All Star Classic

This category is all about getting quality and value for your money, and this is exactly what this rod provides. It does not come with all the bells and whistles you may find on more premium spinning rods, but it is a very good rod that is versatile and durable. A fantastic rod for around the $50 mark

Reel pairing tip

Pair the All Star Classic rod with the Shimano Nexava III spinning reel for a very good and effective combo

3. Cadence CR5

Cadence CR5 Spinning Rod

Cadence Fishing are relatively new to the fishing gear market, but they have certainly managed to get noticed for all the right reasons with some of their products.

The Cadence CR5 spinning rod is just one of their products that has turned a lot of heads and become a very popular option for many anglers after a good quality rod at a very affordable price.

Let’s start with the look and feel of the Cadence CR5.

When you first set eyes on this rod, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a premium rod worth a couple of hundred bucks. It certainly looks and feels like it!

It’s very light to hold, and the grips are extremely comfortable so you can enjoy hours of flicking lures with this rod.

More on the grips on the Cadence CR5 rod. You have an option here of either having a full grip or a split grip, depending on your preference. Plus, each grip comes with both cork below the reel seat and then EVA just above the reel seat.

Cadence has used a Fuji reel seat on the CR5 spinning rod, so with this quality, you can always expect a firmly secured reel.

It also comes with a 30-ton carbon blank which helps to make the rod as light as it is and also gives it the power and sensitivity it has.

My thoughts on the Cadence CR5

When I first saw and held this rod I thought it would cost a lot more than it does. Not only does it look and feel great, but it also performs like a more premium rod.

The Cadence CR5 certainly punches well above its weight, I think it is an excellent buy for anyone looking for a quality rod for under $100.

Reel pairing tip

Pair the Cadence CR5 with the excellent new Piscifun Carbon X II spinning reel for an enjoyable experience every time you fish

4. KastKing Resolute

KastKing Resolute Spinning Rod

Kastking has a wide range of very good quality and affordable fishing rods. While I have not tried all of the Kastking spinning rods in their range, I have tried a few and the Kastking Resolute is one that stands out as being a very good spinning rod, that performs like a more expensive rod.

The look of the rod is very appealing, it has a split grip handle, and the jet black main color which is accented with bright green in places really does add to the aesthetics of the Resolute rod.

The Kastking Resolute rod feels very good in the hand. It is light, so you can whip it around easily. It is also very responsive, I was pleasantly surprised with just how sensitive it was and how easily you could feel even the slightest of knocks on the lure.

The components of the Resolute rod and good quality and durable, I think you will get a lot of fishing out of one of these rods.

The split grips and made with SuperPolymer handles, which are a little different than you find on most rods. They are more like golf grips, but very comfortable and very grippy, even when slightly wet they did not feel like they would slip at all.

top spinning rods under 100
Kastking Resolute

The rod uses an American Tackle 2-piece Bravo reel seat, which provides a sturdy base for your reel and promotes confidence when using the rod.

The IM7 carbon blank used on the rod provides a sturdy backbone and certainly allows you to apply some pressure on the bigger fish. The American Tackle Microwave air guides are also a good inclusion on a rod of this price, they do their job well and are fairly durable too.

There are many rods in the Kastking Resolute range, both spinning and casting. They have shorter rods, starting at 5ft in length, and then the longest rod in the range is 7’6″. They also come in a range of power and action options, so you have something there to suit many different types of fishing techniques.

My thoughts on the Kastking Resolute rod

For the price of this rod, you are getting a lot of quality and something that performs extremely well.

I think it provides exceptional value for money and also looks the part too, so if you are in the market for a sub-$100 rod that is going to last, then this could be the best rod for you.

Reel Matching tip

If you like Kastking gear, then I would pair this rod with the Kastking Megatron spinning reel. If you prefer to stick to more well-known brands for your reels, then either a Shinano Sedona FI or a Daiwa Legalis LT would make a good rod and reel combo with the Kastking Resolute.

5. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite

Shakespeare Ugly Stick Spinning Rod

The Ugly Stick Elite spinning rod from Shakespeare is an extremely popular rod with anglers throughout the world. It has earned a rightful reputation for being a robust and versatile rod that many anglers see as being their first 'proper' rod. 

The Ugly Stik Elite is the premium version of the Ugly Stik GX2, and includes 35% more graphite, which makes it lighter and provides a crisper action to the rod. It also makes the rod a lot more sensitive than its GX2 predecessor, and the overall performance improved.

The Ugly Stik Elite rod is extremely comfortable to hold due to the cork grip that runs the entire length of the handle.  and when paired with a suitable spinning reel you can feel the balance has been really well thought out and integrated into the design.

The premium cork grips on the Ugly Stik Elite help to enhance the feel and performance of this rod. They are extremely comfortable to hold, so long durations of flicking lures can be done with ease without any fatigue setting in.

This rod is extremely sensitive due to the clear tip design, so you can feel the slightest knocks on your lures as soon as they happen, which can lead to higher hook-up rates.

The compromise on the Ugly Stik Elite rods seems to be the guides, which some users have said tend to wear out quickly. If this did happen, they could be replaced easily, but worth mentioning so you can make a more informed decision on this rod.

spinning rods under 100
Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite

There are a number of rods in the Ugly Stick Elite range, and this provides you with plenty of options for your target species. Whether you are fishing for salmon, trout, or redfish, there is a suitable rod in this range to meet your requirements.

See the full range of the Ugly Stick Elite here

My thoughts on the Ugly Stick Elite

I think the Egly Stick Elite has a specific target market, and that would be those anglers looking for a good quality rod once they have started to desire more performance than their old entry-level rod can provide. 

It is well made, with good components, and is likely to last a long time if looked after well. The versatility of the rod is also a big plus for anglers as they will be able to use a wide range of fishing tackle with the rod and a broader assortment of fishing techniques.

Reel Matching tip

There are a few reels that I feel would be an ideal match for the Ugly Stick Elite:

Okuma Ceymar
Pflueger President
PENN Pursuit IV

6. Piscifun Serpent

Piscifun Serpent Spinning Rod

The Piscifun Serpent spinning rod is an eye-catcher, and when I used this rod I was pleasantly surprised with just how well it performed. 

First of all, this rod is light! It gives you the ability to flick lures around all day without feeling any fatigue in the arm or shoulder.

Although the Serpent rod feels light, I did not get the impression that it felt weak, or lacked any power, quite the opposite actually.

I had no issues really applying pressure onto a fish, the IM7 high modulus Toray carbon fiber blank certainly does its job well. I can feel the rod is built really well and I quickly grew confident of its abilities.

The Piscifun Serpent is also a very sensitive rod, you can feel the slightest of knocks and it allows you to react quickly to set the hook as well. The tip of the rod is quite soft, so it doesn’t rip hooks out of the fish’s mouth. 

The rod is comfortable to handle. This is another rod that uses SuperPolymer-style golf grips on the handle. They are very grippy and allow you to really control the rod well, even when the grip gets a bit wet.

best spinning rods
Piscifun Serpent spinning rod

There are three rods in the Piscifun Serpent range, all of them 2-piece. One of the rods is medium power and the other two are medium light power. 

See the full specs’ for all the Serpent rods here

My thoughts on the Piscifun Serpent

I like this rod a lot, and for a  number of different reasons. The rod is incredibly light and easy to use. It feels very sensitive and performs like a $100+ rod, so when I see rods like this that punch above their weight they tend to catch my attention. 

Reel matching tip

Pair this Serpent rod with the Piscifun Carbon X II spinning reel and you will have a really solid setup

7. Abu Garcia Vendetta

Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod

The more Abu Garcia spinning gear I have tried, the more I grow to like it. They make some great fishing reels, and also have a great range of rods to choose from. The Vendetta is just one of their spinning rods that really impressed me.

First of all, this rod is very well-made and extremely durable. Every design element has been well thought out and designed to last. I think the aesthetics of the Vendetta rod catch the eye, and the attention to detail is clearly apparent throughout the length of the rod.

The Vendatta spinning rod performs exceptionally well. It is light and easy to handle. The ‘feel’ that you want from a spinning rod is apparent, the slightest of knocks is transmitted through the rod back to your hand effectively. 

This rod also packs a lot of stability and power. The 30-ton graphite blank creates a stable environment so you don’t feel any twist when the rod is under load.

You also feel the power the blank provides, which in turn gives you the confidence to really put the pressure back onto the fish when required.

what are the best spinning rods under $100

One of the main benefits for me of this Vendetta rod is its versatility. Whether you’re fishing with lures or bait, or you do not have a specific target species in mind, you are not limited by this rod as it is adaptable and capable in a wide variety of fishing applications.

The Vendetta range comes in a variety of options so you should be able to find the right rod for you. There are both one and two-piece models available, and different power and actions are available too.

See the full range and specs here

My thoughts on the Abu Garcia

I love the look of this rod, it is very much in the Shimano Zodias style, but at a fraction of the price.

The performance is also equally impressive for a sub-$100 rod. Abu Garcia has got the balance right with this rod; it is very easy to handle, and very light too.

Overall, the Vendetta is not my favorite of the sub-$100 rods, but I certainly felt it was good enough to be mentioned here and is certainly good quality and value for money.

Reel matching tip

The Vendetta rod works well with the new Abu Garcia Revo3 X spinning reel.

Q & A’s

Q: How did I choose the best spinning rods in this article?

A: The rods I have chosen above are all rods that I have either owned, borrowed, or have friends in my fishing circles that own them.

I have spent time using each one of them (and many more that did not make this list) to form an opinion.

There are so many other spinning rods that could be worthy of being included in the above list, but I have not had the chance to try them (yet 🙂 )

Q: What is the best spinning rod for bass?

A: I would recommend two different spinning rods for bass, the Shimano Expride B and also the Shimano SLX.

The best type of spinning rod for bass is a rod with a fast action if you are going to be fishing with soft plastics, or a slower action if you are fishing with crankbaits. 

Q: What is the best length of rod for spinning?

A: The best length for a spinning rod is around the 7ft size. This gives you a lot of ability to move the lure around effectively and react quickly when a fish shows some interest in your lure.

The ideal length will vary depending on the type of spinning you do though. For example, if you are surf fishing then the length of surf rods for spinning are generally a bit longer, and ideally, you would want a surf rod that is anywhere from 8 to 10ft in length.

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  1. I am learning a lot about many subjects that you have written about. I’m still a little confused and was hoping you could help. I want to purchase two rod’s and reels. I want to buy Gl loomIs trout rod’s and Shimano Stradic Fl’s. I want one set up for throwing lures and one for power bait & other bait’s. This is where I’m lost. I’m not sure what size and power I need for each type of fishing. I believe I want fast to moderate fast action. Can you help me with more information or some recommendations?

    1. Hi Jason, personally I would go with one really light setup, and one slightly heavier. So for the lighter setup I would go a 1000 size Stradic FL, and a 1-4lb 6ft rod with a fast action. Then for the slightly heavier setup I would go the 2500 reel and then 7′ 4-8lb and I would again go with the fast action (just my preference). It’s hard to say whether this would suit your preference, but I know this would work great for me.

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